Use NINTA BlackBeltBox cloud solution to achieve Grand Master "BlackBelt" status

We have been doing IT security and documentation since 1987. We provide you with a rock solid solution build on Microsofts products.

There are numerous laws and regulations out there and you have the honor              to be responsible for an up to date documentation.

- Employees, vehicles and equipments



- Building, equipment,  and drawings

- Chemicals and safety datasheets

- ISO standards 9001,  14001,  27001, 31001, 45001 

- Fire safety

- IT/System documentation

- Internet Of Things (Yes we can connect to any object/system around the world)
The Dashboard The launchpad for easy and quick access to your different areas of information and traceability

NINTA BlackBeltBox provides you with an "All in one place" solution for all your
documentation and procedures

We support you with knowledge, templates etc. Take care of the work with
documentation and procedures in cost-effective manner.

In return you get your Grand Master Black Belt status :)